Tips on using welcome bonuses to win online slots

Online gambling is becoming popular by the day and millions of players are playing games online and enjoying the excitement and the winnings. Websites like offer honest and awesome games that people can play from any part of the world. These online casinos also offer unbelievably enticing welcome bonuses for new players. Here is everything you need to know about using welcome bonuses while playing online slots.

What exactly is a welcome bonus?

A welcome bonus can be considered a gift you get from the casino for choosing to register with their website as a new player. Because of the aggressive competition amidst casinos, sites like the 19216801ip give you very lucrative welcome bonuses to encourage you to start playing on their website. There can be different offers clubbed together as a welcome bonus depending on the casino you choose.

Many casinos also call this the sign-up bonus. You can enjoy sign up bonuses only once when you register. There are different kinds of offers given in the bonus package. You can enjoy a free spin on certain online slots or get some in-house cash to try out the games on the site. Many casinos also match deposits the first time you put money into your game account.

How to use free-spin bonuses

As the name mentions, you will be offered a free spin on all or a few online slots that the websites have. Imagine how amazing it would be if you could play an online slot for free and win a large chunk of money! it is a good move to first browse around the available online slots and pick that one you feel will work for you.

One thing to check out about welcome bonus free spins is if the bonus comes with a wagering requirement. Many casinos make it a point to ensure the player deposits some money into the system first before allowing him to use the free spin. Many other sites also have time restrictions. You should be using the free spin in certain days after which it would be considered invalid.

Deposit match welcome bonuses

Another popular type of welcome bonus that many casinos offer is the deposit match bonus. This means that the casinos will match the amount of deposit you first make on the website to encourage you to try out all their games. The percentage of deposit matched by the casino varies though. You can get 50% to even 200% of the deposit matched when you play online slots.

Imagine you deposit 'X' amount of money after registering into the online casino. If the casino is offering a 200% deposit match, you will end up having '3X' amount of money in your account to play the games. Needless to say, the larger the deposit match, the more beneficial it is for you. Do not forget to check for wagering terms when you accept the deposit match bonus.

Can you withdraw these welcome bonuses?

There are two kinds of rules that most online casinos lay when it comes to withdrawing welcome bonuses. In more flexible casinos, your welcome bonus will be offered to you and you can use it to play games. If you win money using the welcome bonus, the won amount and the bonus will be added to your account. You can either use this to play or withdraw anytime you want.

In other types of online casinos, the welcome bonus is maintained in a separate account and the winning money is maintained separately. You will never be able to withdraw the bonus. All you can do is use the bonus to play more games and try to win these games. These terms and conditions are usually clearly mentioned in the casino's website. Read these before you accept a welcome bonus.

Are welcome bonuses worth it?

This is not a question you can answer right away. The worth of the welcome bonus you receive depends on the authenticity of the casino, the trustworthiness of the games and slots offered and the rules and conditions that are linked with these bonuses. Shady online casinos can give amazing welcome bonuses but back them with unachievable and illogical wager terms and conditions.

In such cases, it is better to not accept the welcome bonus as you will end up losing more time and money by using them. However, genuine and reputed casinos offer fair terms on their welcome bonuses and with the right winning strategy and some luck, you can definitely use the bonus to win good money. Use your welcome bonus wisely and enjoy gambling.